Our beds are hand-made on the premises in Rolleston. We manufacture all our products to the highest standards, using only the best materials with kiln-dried NZ Pine.

With the exception of the trundler  bed, all our beds use the metal interlocking bracket joints which are pictured at right. These brackets are very sturdy and each takes only 5 seconds to fasten. This means that you can quickly and easily assemble your bed, and take it apart again, whenever you require.

For ease of transport, all our beds except the trundler model, come in the following components:
  • 2 side rails
  • 2 centre rails
  • Bundle of slats, joined by ribbons
  • Head
  • Foot

The Trundler as a rule comes complete but we have developed a method to kitset them for easy transport also, this does add a small fee but saves a lot on transport cost, please enquiry if this is required.

All our beds are available with flexible slats, our beds are stained and lacquered in our special golden country hue however we can match most stains available , ie; rimu and walnut.

The average bed height is 35-40 cm from floor, however we can custom make your bed to be higher or lower if you require. Please let us know when ordering.

Interlocking Bracket Joints

Slat Castellation

Slat Castellation